Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution

Increase overall information visibility and traceability for better decision making

Supply Chain Track and Trace Content

The complex distribution networks of supply chain and logistics are prone to product counterfeiting. With the use of Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution, which applies a unique RFID or serialized barcode identifier on items, packages, cases or pallets, the industry-wide concerns can be effectively resolved by providing a reliable product pedigree as it contains the traceable history of each ownership change along the supply chain.

Furthermore, it gives total transparency via a real-time centralized platform for information sharing to all related stakeholders across the entire supply chain, from sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, to wholesaling, and to Point-of-Sales (POS).

Compliant with industry best practices, our turnkey solutions meet the mandate of global standard and interoperate with various legacy systems. With the provision of real-time information, a reliable product authenticity can be ensured with accurate and better control of inventory.


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