Professional Services & Training

Schmidt Professional Services and Training including Inventory Service, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and System Training help customers to streamline the management of company asset or inventory and adopt the operation of new system efficiently.

Inventory Service

Well-trained and fully equipped workforce with detailed planning, counting and reporting will dispatch to provide accurate and efficient inventory services for a wide range of industry sectors on project basis.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM provides a unified and rapid deployment solution for critical mobile devices over-the-air – include provisioning, configuration, location tracking, security control and monitoring. It helps enterprises to address challenges associated with mobility by providing a simple and effective way to remote control all managed devices from a single centralized management console and generate higher return on investment in people, technology and processes.



Our skilled and experienced team pinpoints the real needs and challenges of system implementation. For the deployment training, we arrange tailor-made training for both technical staff and administrative staff. Furthermore, we run training programs for trainers to make sure the training efforts are sustainable inside the company. All trainings will be supported with well-documented learning materials and users manuals. By providing effective and comprehensive hands-on trainings specifically to both technical professionals and end-users, it is to ensure that the new operation processes are fully understood and adopted by our customers.