Consulting Services

Consulting servicesSchmidt Consulting Services offer a suite of well-defined methodologies and reliable solutions designed to address industry-specific needs ranging from strategic planning, proof of concept to enterprise system implementation.

Our consulting services include:


  • Technology Approach – Usage of 1D, 2D Barcodes and Symbologies
  • Hardware Analysis – Scanner, Handheld Terminal, Consumables and Printer
  • Performance Evaluation – Barcode Density , Resolution of Printing and Scanning


  • Technology Approach – Usage of LF, HF, UHF and 2.45 GHz
  • Hardware Analysis – RFID Reader, Handheld Terminal, Antenna, Tag and Printer
  • Installation Design – RFID Reader and Antenna
  • Performance Evaluation – RFID Tag Placement and Orientation as well as System Tuning
  • Site survey – Proof of concept


  • Hardware Analysis – Access Point and Wireless Switch
  • Performance Evaluation – Wireless network analysis and design
  • Site survey – Proof of concept
  • Business / IT Strategy
  • Workflow design & analysis
  • Business process re-engineering & transformation
  • Technology enablement strategy