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eBookDr Mobile App

eBookDr Mobile App is a mobile application to connect eHealth Record Sharing System. It could be utilized to book private doctors at anytime and anywhere. This application has functions of booking, inquiring, auto notification, and so on, so it could simplify the booking process and reduce the nurse’s administration work, then improve the whole efficiency of the clinic. Now there are two versions could be downloaded, Android and iOS.


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eHealth Record Sharing System was officially launched in 2016. An eHR Sharing System provides an information infrastructure for healthcare providers in both the public and private healthcare sectors, with informed and express consent of the patient and proper authorisation for access to the System, to share the eHR they keep on the patient with other healthcare providers and to retrieve the eHR of the patient shared by other healthcare providers.

Patient Benefits

  • Maintain comprehensive online record for health providers
  • Provide timely and accurate information for care
  • Reduce duplication of tests and treatment

Clinician Benefits

  • Enable efficient and quality assured clinical practice
  • Reduce errors associated with paper records

Society Benefits

  • Improve disease surveillance and monitoring of public health
  • Help gather more comprehensive statistics for formulating public health policy
  • Bring efficiency gain in total health expenditure

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